Next Chapter Book Club

What you should know before registering

The goal of NCBC is for members to interact more often, and in new ways with English reading materials, with each other, and with the community around them. NCBC is not a traditional reading class or tutoring program.

Although members may (and often do) improve literacy skills, the focus is on “reading-to-learn”, not “learning-to-read”. Equally important elements of the program are social interaction and community inclusion.

Who can join NCBC?

Anyone with IDD, whatever their reading or ability level can join! NCBC members range from those who read proficiently to those who cannot read at all.

Why join NCBC?

NCBC provides a unique opportunity for individuals with IDD to experience community inclusion, social connectedness, life-long learning, self-determination and self-advocacy. These NCBC meetings are purposeful gatherings to facilitate self and community improvement.

What will I learn?

Two trained instructors will support a group of four to eight people to read aloud and discuss a book. Members, as a group, determine all aspects of their participation in NCBC meetings (i.e. book selection) and are encouraged to express their opinions, wants, and needs.  The group meets weekly or bi-weekly for one hour in a local public library, bookstore, coffee shop, café, or similar public space.

Want to join our current group?

Berkshire Mall
1665 State Hill Rd, Wyomissing, PA 19610
Upstairs food court
Every Tuesday from 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
(except during term breaks)
For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Taylor Mahoney

Your donation today creates a lifetime of opportunity.

Because of you, local parents, workers, and neighbors will gain vital reading, English language, and computer skills. They will earn a high school equivalency degree, get a job, enroll in college, help their children in school, and much more. With many people on our waiting list, your donation is urgently needed.
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